Journey Thru Grief
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Favorite Links

Here you will find some of my favorite links that have brought me much comfort. My spirit guides and angels have directed me to many of these sites, in my time of need. I hope you are able to find some comfort here also.

Sites offering hope, comfort and support to those who grieve

Grief Aid

A wonderful site for a multitude of information on grieving.

Grief Recovery Online (founded by) Widows & Widowers

Another wonderful site offering a multitude of information for the bereaved. They also host wonderful chats for different types of losses, along with their Grief Recovery which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All chats are hosted by volunteers who have experienced that particular type of grief.

The Shrine Of Hope

A place to go for spiritual renewal. It offers grief and spiritual healing.


A special site for Widows & Widowers. Offers a message board and an email support list.

Grief and Renewal is dedicated to offering support to those recovering from significant loss. Their focus is on growing through grief and taking positive action as a result of this growth. They also focus on international issues related to grief. Resources, information,and a
place to post your thoughts are on the site.

Sites supporting Life After Death

After Death Communication

A wonderful place to learn about life after death. This site is hosted by the authors of Hello From Heaven, William and Judith Guggenhiem.

Dancing Between Worlds

Rev. Katina Jones offers wonderful information about how we do dance between the worlds. She will have a book out on the subject soon.


This site contains wonderful information based on Emanual Swedenborg's insights into heaven.

Inspiration and Hope

These sites are poetry that my husband has lead me to, to offer insights and love from him. I find much comfort here.

We Walk As One

Tomorrow Without Me

Believe In Your Heart

Flowers That Never Fade

God Loves You

I am spiritually lead to offer my services as a reader at  Currently, I am offering Angel Oracle readings, both live and by email. Than Angels offer both inspiration and guidance. Here their message for you, today.